April 21, 2015
The aging process is an unfortunate inevitability of life. Over time, we all start to experience signs of facial aging, including hollow eyes, sunken cheeks, and the development of wrinkles. Fortunately, there are a wide range of minimally invasive, nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatments to... Read More
April 14, 2015
Every once in awhile, you get taken by surprise by a big event -- a family wedding you weren't expecting an invite to, a high school reunion that sneaks up on you (has it really been 20 years?), or some other big party that came out of nowhere. You'll want to look your best for these functions, and... Read More
April 07, 2015
Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Gartside. Due to this popularity and the wealth of information available today, most of her Washington DC area patients enter their initial consultation with a solid understanding of the procedure. That being... Read More
March 31, 2015
We all start to develop wrinkles at a different age. There are many reasons for this variability in the onset of the aging process, and many of them are due to the way you live your life. For example, if you smoke, spend lots of time in the sun or drink heavily, you are more likely to develop... Read More
March 21, 2015
Every year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) releases data about the plastic surgery trends from the previous year. The organization recently released their statistics for the 2014 year, and the total number of cosmetic procedures performed rose by 3% compared with 2013. But if we... Read More
March 16, 2015
With all the recent advances in plastic surgery technology, it is important to stay informed about new procedures and what they can do for you. SmartLipo is a relatively new liposuction method, first approved by the FDA in 2007. If you live near Washington DC and are interested in body contouring... Read More
March 12, 2015
"When you first meet new people, look them in the eyes." We've all heard some version of this advice before, and chances are anyone you meet will have heard it as well. It therefore stands to reason that when you meet someone new, the first thing they will be likely to notice about you are your... Read More
February 24, 2015
Gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, is a common condition impacting body builders. However, the causes of gynecomastia in body builders are often different than it is with other people. Bodybuilders have great physiques, so obesity isn't a causal factor like it is with other patients. As a... Read More
February 19, 2015
Regular mammograms are important for women's long-term health. The National Cancer Institute, located just across the Potomac from McLean, has found that regular mammograms for women ages 40 to 74 help reduce the number of deaths related to breast cancer, and lead to earlier detection of cancerous... Read More
February 12, 2015
Pregnancy and childbirth can take their toll on your body. It's common to see a difference in the appearance of your breasts, stomach, and lower body. If you've been struggling to regain your pre-pregnancy figure, then you may want to consider a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover consists of a series... Read More