As a surgical procedure, breast augmentation will require a small recovery period. For many women, initial recovery takes only a few days, though it may be several weeks before you are able to resume all normal activities. These things will be discussed with you in greater detail during your pre and postoperative meetings with board-certified Virginia breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Roberta Gartside.

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Breast Augmentation Aftercare

Much of the aftercare required following your breast augmentation will depend on which options you have selected. Incision location, breast implant placement, even which type of implant is used can play a role in your aftercare. Dr. Gartside will work with you individually to help protect your safety and comfort.

Aftercare steps recommended by Dr. Gartside may include:

  • Wearing a compression garment
  • Keeping incisions dry and clean
  • Using an icepack or compress

These steps can help reduce swelling and protect against infection.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

As with aftercare, your recovery will be dependent on factors unique to your procedure, though bruising, swelling, and moderate pain are all common. Swelling can be minimized through proper aftercare. Dr. Gartside will discuss options for pain management including prescription medications prior to your surgery.

Dr. Gartside recommends taking one to two days to rest completely following breast augmentation. After this initial resting period, you can resume some tasks including light work, though you may wish to put off returning to work for one to two weeks. During this time, frequent walks are recommended to help reduce swelling and general discomfort.

Most normal activities can be resumed within two to four weeks. However, strenuous exercise and more demanding work may need to be avoided for up to six weeks. These things can be different for each woman, making it important that you carefully follow the postoperative instructions Dr. Gartside has provided for you.

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