The placement of your breast implants will play a decisive role in the final appearance of your breast augmentation procedure. Washington, D.C. plastic surgeon Dr. Roberta Gartside works individually with each of our patients to help ensure ideal results.

During your consultation, Dr. Gartside will discuss breast implant placement along with other surgical options, allowing her to customize your procedure to meet your exact aesthetic specifications. If you live in or around Washington, D.C. and are considering breast augmentation, please call 703-742-8004 to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon and learn more about your options.

Subglandular Breast Implant Placement

Subglandular implant placement is below breast tissue, but above the muscles in your chest. This solution is best for women with sufficient breast tissue to cover an implant.

Subglandular placement allows for a shorter surgical and recovery period, but may not look or feel as natural as other placement options. Silicone breast implants can reduce some aesthetic imperfections with above the muscle placement, but subglandular implants are more likely to result in sagging. They may produce visible imperfections such as rippling, wrinkling, and double bubble in women with insufficient natural breast tissue.

Submuscular Breast Implant Placement

Submuscular implant placement is below both breast tissue and the muscles in your chest. This option is best for women who do not have sufficient breast tissue to cover an implant and may be advisable for women who lead an active lifestyle as well.

While submuscular placement can increase surgical and recovery time, many women find this option produces a more natural looking and feeling augmentation. Submuscular placement is ideal for both silicone and saline breast implants and greatly reduces the risk of visible imperfections.

At first glance, submuscular placement may seem ideal under all circumstances, but this is certainly not the case. What is ideally suited to meet both your physical needs and aesthetic goals is best determined by Dr. Gartside during your Washington, D.C. breast augmentation consultation.

To schedule your breast augmentation consultation with our board-certified Washington, D.C. plastic surgeon, please contact New Image today by calling 703-742-8004 or completing the form on this page. Dr. Gartside provides customized breast surgery solutions for women living in and around Reston, Fairfax, and McLean, Virginia, as well as in the Washington, D.C. area