Millions of women have safely undergone a breast augmentation for a variety of reasons and have been happy with the procedure’s results. However, implants are considered a prosthetic body part and may eventually need to be removed, replaced or upgraded.

The general rule is “if it is not broke, don’t fix it” but like all technology, improvements are constantly being made. Our patients may have an interest in upgrading to a newer, improved silicone gel implant or change their saline implants to silicone implants or vice versa. Our patients have their own reasoning for a revision or replacement of their implants, and Dr. Roberta Gartside will help our patients determine which revision or replacement alternative is more suitable for their situation.

During our patient’s initial consultation, Dr. Roberta Gartside will help you make an informed decision about the revision or replacement care. Call 703-742-8004 to get started.

What to Expect

When our patient has schedule and initial consultation, Dr. Gartside will answer our patient’s questions about breast implant replacement surgery and will determine if our patient is a good candidate for the procedure. Dr. Gartside will help our patients choose the implant type, size, and shape that will meet the needs and goals.

If possible, it is greatly beneficial if our patient is able to provide an accurate history of their previous breast surgeries, such as:

  • Type of implants (saline or gel, textured or smooth, round or tear drop, manufacturer)
  • If there is a warranty and any warranty information
  • Position of the implant (above or below the muscle)

During the initial consultation, Dr. Gartside will discuss your expectations, review your medical history and formulate the best plan for our patient’s desires.

Revision and Replacement Procedure

Our patients’ experiences with breast implant revision will depend on the complexity of the individual case and the type of procedure our patient and Dr. Gartside choose. Depending on the complexity of the work needed for our patient’s breast revision or replacement, the surgery may be fairly quick. On the other hand, the more complex the problem, the longer the process and recovery may take.

After Care

Our patients have reported that their recovery was easier than the initial breast augmentation and implant surgery. The recovery time will vary from case to case depending on the complexity of the procedure that was performed on our patient.

It is Dr. Roberta Gartside’s priority to make our patient’s procedure as complication-free and comfortable as possible. Our patients will be guided through the progression to make certain they have a successful passage through the rehabilitation process.

Please contact Dr. Roberta Gartside by phone at 703-742-8004 or online with any further questions regarding the recovery and aftercare of breast revision and replacement surgery. We serve the metro Washington, D.C. area including Reston, Fairfax, and McLean Virginia.