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Breast Lift

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Breast Reduction and Breast Lift

The breast reduction and breast lift procedures require general anesthesia. You and your surgeon will decide on the extent of the procedure and incision placement during your consultation. Some scarring will occur, but incisions will be made in discreet places, so scarring will not be immediately noticeable.

From the incision, the surgeon will work to remove excess skin and/or breast tissue. Once the breast has reached the desired size or contour, the incision will be closed.

The majority of women who choose to undergo the breast lift or reduction procedures are incredibly happy with their results. Breast lift patients enjoy their youthful new contours, while breast reduction patients are happy with the alleviation of back or neck pain.

Most importantly, breast lift and breast reduction procedures have improved the self-confidence of many patients by enabling them to feel more comfortable in their bodies.

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