Breast Reduction Washington DC, VirginiaBreast reduction is the common expression for the procedure done when a women experiences breast hypertrophy. Large breasts are generally identified with someone being genetically exceptional, but when breasts are not proportional with your body, it can cause physical discomfort, feelings of insecurity and difficulty in finding properly fitting clothing.

A breast reduction can aid in your ability to become more active, have more functionality and easing the discomfort of bra straps and breast folds producing unpleasant marks and rashes. Breast reduction is a breast augmentation procedure that will remove glandular tissue, fat and skin to lift and reshape and reduce the breasts.

What to Expect During Breast Reduction Surgery

During your breast reduction consultation with Dr. Gartside, you will discuss the condition of your skin, the factor of your age, the shape and size of your breasts and any associated risks and questions you have with your particular case. Breast hypertrophy is generally treated by a surgical excision of the excess skin, fat and breast tissue.

On rare occasions breast reduction is administered through liposuction, depending on the amount of fat in the breast. Dr. Gartside will discuss the type of breast reduction procedure that is best suited for you.

Our Breast Reduction Procedure

During breast reduction surgery, a local with sedation or general anesthetic is administered. This type of breast surgery is done on an outpatient where you go home the same day as your surgery. Breast reduction can take anywhere from and one and a half to three hours to complete.

The type of surgical method used for your breast reduction will most often determine the outcome of the procedure and your results. In general, you are recovered enough by the end of 5 or 7 days to be able to drive and sit behind a desk. Any activity that is vigorous, like running or tennis, is restricted for about a month after your surgery to allow for the incisions to heal.

Your breasts will be much smaller after the surgery and the scars and swelling vary depending on your skin condition. Generally, the scars will diminish within 6 months. Your breasts should have a more appealing, youthful contour and the distress of living with overly large breast should minimize.

Breast Reduction Post-Operative Instructions

For more information about breast reduction surgery, contact our Washington, D.C. plastic surgeon online or via phone at 703-742-8004 to arrange a consultation. Dr. Gartside serves patients in and around McLean, Fairfax, and Reston, Virginia.