Although sometimes confused with one another, dermal fillers have very different purposes from BOTOX® Cosmetic injections. So much so that these procedures actually complement each other, offering enhanced benefits over either treatment alone.

This comparison of dermal fillers vs. BOTOX® Cosmetic injections shows the wide range of improvements these procedures can make, separately and together. However, it can't make the right recommendations for your unique needs. The best way to learn about the ideal treatment option for you is to speak with Dr. Roberta Gartside in person.

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Dermal Fillers for Plumping and Static Wrinkle Correction

At New Image Plastic Surgery Associates, we use several different dermal fillers because each has unique actions distinct from one another. While some dermal filler effects overlap, our many years of research and data analysis provide us with the ability to choose the exact product or combination of products that will give you the results you want, and based upon your unique needs, skin and muscle type, bone structure, age, health and more.

Dermal fillers help fill in facial areas that have either lost volume or would benefit from augmentation, such as strengthening the appearance of your chin or cheekbones. We offer the following dermal fillers to patients in the Washington, D.C. area:

  • Perlane – Used for deeper folds, it has a larger molecular weight that Restylane, and should be injected into the deep dermis.
  • Juvéderm – Best used in the lower facial areas to provide hydration, nutrients and volume lost to aging.

Dermal fillers offer long-term, minimally invasive options that once were accomplished only with facial implants or face lift surgery. They address static wrinkles, which are always visible even when your face is at rest.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections for Dynamic Wrinkle Reduction

Dynamic wrinkles are caused by repetitive facial movements occurring when you perform actions such as smiling, laughing, squinting, or frowning. Simply relaxing those muscles can reduce this type of wrinkle.

BOTOX® Cosmetic interrupts the transmission of nerve impulses that cause muscles to contract. When the muscle relaxes beneath your forehead, brow, eyes or lips relaxes the skin, it also relaxes the skin contraction that causes dynamic wrinkles.

When BOTOX® Cosmetic injections are combined with the appropriate dermal filler, your results are multiplied to give you the youthful, full-faced, wrinkle free appearance you enjoyed only a short time ago.

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