When women receive a diagnosis of breast cancer, the decision process for treatment can be stressful. Dr. Gartside is here to help you through this process by offering different options for the process after your lumpectomy. It important to begin the planning with Dr. Gartside since reconstruction may have an effect on other decisions related to the lumpectomy. A lumpectomy can leave the breasts misshapen and disfigured.

A post lumpectomy breast reconstruction or oncoplastic surgery is a procedure to help women regain the shape and volume of the breasts for better symmetry. This procedure may be preferred by lumpectomy patients since they will get an overall better aesthetic appeal and may regain the symmetry of their breasts, depending on personal desires. Options can range from the placement of a breast implant or tissue expander to modified breast lift of reduction surgery. This type of surgery is particularly beneficial for women who are extremely large breasted and had considered a breast reduction in the past for other reasons such as neck and shoulder pain.

What to Expect

Dr. Gartside understands the toll, both physically and emotionally, that it takes on patients who are battling breast cancer. It is her priority to make your breast reconstruction procedure as complication-free and comfortable as possible.

There are several reconstructive options for women after a lumpectomy. As with all surgeries, there are advantages and disadvantages to the procedure you choose. When you meet with your plastic surgeon, the two of you will decide if you are a good candidate for post lumpectomy reconstruction or reduction and if this option is best for you depending on your specific needs and post lumpectomy goals. If this option is best suited for you, this procedure will help create a more natural looking breast and give your breasts a more aesthetic appeal.


Prior to the date of your procedure, you will have a “pre-assessment” to determine your general health and home circumstances. During this appointment you will be given the opportunity to have any questions answered in regards to the procedure and anesthesia and will be given specific instructions to adhere to in the days before your procedure.

When you have your initial consultation for your post lumpectomy implant, you will be asked for you and your family’s medical history along with your current health to determine if you are a good applicant for this procedure. It is important to be complete and concise about your medical history to ensure a safe and effective procedure. The incisions are sealed using surgical staples or stitches and covered in medical bandages. If you desire or need nipple reconstruction, it will typically be deferred until the breast reconstructive surgery is completed in order to properly plan the positioning of the nipple and areola.

Recovery Process

Upon completion of the post lumpectomy reconstruction or reduction procedure, you will be monitored in a recovery area by a nurse. Your aftercare will vary depending on the time disparity between your lumpectomy and reduction or reconstruction procedure. You should expect some discomfort for a few days. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication for your discomfort and will recommend that a bra or special dressing be worn to provide support during the recovery period.

It is essential to understand the importance of a safe recovery to ensure the proper healing and desired results of your post lumpectomy procedure. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with proper recovery procedures for the next few weeks of your recovery period.

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