Tummy tuck surgery is a complex body contouring procedure. By preparing for it adequately, you can help reduce postoperative discomfort and the risk of some complications. Virginia tummy tuck surgeon Dr. Roberta Gartside and our friendly staff will work closely with you to ensure you are fully prepared for your procedure. We will continue to work with you after your tummy tuck to see that you remain cared for throughout your recovery period.

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Taking Care of Your Body

The most important step in preparing for tummy tuck surgery is taking care of your body. If you are a smoker, Dr. Gartside will insist that you quit at least six weeks prior to your tummy tuck surgery. The chemicals in cigarettes, even electronic cigarettes, can greatly increase the risk of complications following your tummy tuck procedure.

Certain medications and supplements will need to be avoided prior to your surgery. Dr. Gartside will provide you with a list of medications that will need to be stopped during your Virginia tummy tuck planning phase.

You will want to prepare an area of your house that is comfortable for resting. Stock this area with plenty of books, magazines, movies, and other things that will allow you to rest while keeping you entertained. Make sure everything you need is easily accessible in your resting area.

There are certain activities that will need to be avoided during your tummy tuck recovery period. It is a good idea to arrange for assistance from a friend or family member for the first few days of recovery. This will give you plenty of time to rest, an important part of the healing process.

To learn more about preparing for your Virginia tummy tuck surgery, please contact our board-certified plastic surgeon today. Dr. Gartside serves all of Washington, D.C. and Virginia from our offices in Reston and McLean.