Radiesse® is a dermal filler that is incredibly effective at softening skin and smoothing wrinkles in areas of the face including:

  • Nasolabial folds – the lines that run from the corner of the mouth to the nose
  • Marionette and frown lines – the lines that run downward from the corners of the mouth
  • Pre-jowl fold – the area on either side of the chin

Radiesse is also ideal for treating chin wrinkles and adding volume to the jaw line.

If you live in Reston, McLean or surrounding areas of Virginia and are interested in learning more about Radiesse, please contact New Image Plastic Surgery Associates by calling (888) 730-4113 to schedule your initial consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Roberta Gartside.

How Radiesse Works

The active ingredient in Radiesse is Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA). In Radiesse CaHA microspheres are suspended in an aqueous gel, allowing for both immediate and sustained results. The CaHA in Radiesse replenishes lost volume while simultaneously stimulating your body’s own collagen production.

Because Radiesse stimulates collagen production, results from this nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatment can last for 12 months or more. However, repeat treatments will be required annually to ensure the most pleasing results.

What’s Best for Your Needs

Dr. Gartside is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience helping men and women in Virginia and Washington, DC reach their aesthetic goals. Offering a range of dermal fillers and other nonsurgical options, Dr. Gartside will listen to your concerns and fully assess your needs before suggesting suitable treatments.

If you are looking for the most effective facial rejuvenation treatment for your needs, please contact Dr. Gartside online or by phone at (888) 730-4113. We maintain offices in Reston and McLean to better serve people living in the Metro DC area and throughout Fairfax County, Virginia.