Weight Off My Shoulders!

My sisters and I were all "gifted" with overly large breasts for our proportions from my mother, so it seemed we were all destined to take the path of breast reduction eventually. Earlier this year I was leaving an appointment and passed Dr. Roberta Gartside's office and stopped in for information on breast reduction. Within two months, I had a consultation and the surgery scheduled June 20; I couldn't wait to get over the aching back, tired shoulders, and having to order my HH size bras online at $100 each! Now I have the most wonderful young and perky DDs, I can wear sports bras or even go without wearing one at all, I can wear a lot of pretty clothes now that before I knew wouldn't zip up past my bust line; I feel confident, sexy and young again. Thanks Dr. Roberta Gartside for giving me these Y&P girls. ;)

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