Best Ways To Correct Breast Asymmetry In Washington, D.c.

Asymmetrical breasts are entirely normal. In fact, perfect symmetry rarely found anywhere in nature. However, when asymmetry of the breasts is excessive, it can detract from your appearance and become a source of emotional and physical discomfort. When this is the case, board-certified Washington, D.C. plastic surgeon Dr. Roberta Gartside can customize a surgical option to produce balance and enhance your entire frame.

Correcting Breast Asymmetry

Correcting breast asymmetry is often accomplished through a combination of surgical procedures. Options Dr. Gartside will discuss with you include:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast lift

In some instances, a surgical procedure will only be required on one breast, though this is not always the case. Dr. Gartside will work individually with you to determine which procedure or combinations can best help you look and feel your absolute best.

Dr. Gartside is passionate about helping women in Washington, D.C. achieve their aesthetic goals. During your breast surgery consultation, she will be happy to assess the symmetry of your breasts, honestly answer your questions, and help you decide which options will best enhance your unique frame.

To learn all about your breast surgery options in Washington, D.C. and Virginia, please contact New Image Plastic Surgery Associates, PLC today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Roberta Gartside.