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Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly will help keep you in good shape, but in spite of these efforts, it is common to still have a few stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t go away. This is largely due to the fact that your body is genetically wired to store fat in certain locations on your body. Often, these locations are the last place you want fat to go. In these situations, liposuction may be a great option to help you eliminate those few remaining fat deposits and achieve the toned body contour you’ve worked so hard for.

While liposuction is a great tool, it isn’t for everyone. The best way to find out if this procedure is right for you is to speak with Dr. Roberta Gartside in person. She will listen carefully to your goals and evaluate your body type in order to recommend the ideal treatment plan for you. Please call 703-742-8004 today to schedule your liposuction consultation at one of our offices, conveniently located in Reston and McLean, Virginia.

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You may be a candidate for liposuction if you:

  • Are near your ideal body weight
  • Are in good health
  • Have realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure
  • Have stubborn pockets of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise
  • Are a non-smoker or are willing to stop smoking prior to surgery and throughout your liposuction recovery

It is important to remember that liposuction is a body contouring procedure, not a weight loss method. If you are significantly overweight, you will need to reach your ideal body weight through diet and exercise before liposuction can put the finishing touches on your new figure.

Realistic expectations are also an important part of your liposuction candidacy. This procedure can help sculpt and contour your frame, but it cannot undo deep-seated body image issues. Dr. Gartside will listen carefully to your desires during your initial consultation to better understand your motivations and goals, and to help you determine if liposuction is the best option for you.

SmartLipo Laser Liposuction

SmartLipo laser liposuction is the most advanced liposuction technique available today. SmartLipo uses a method known as laser liposculpture to melt fat away. SmartLipo is a minimally invasive, safe procedure that produces aesthetic, effective results as a new, modernized alternative to some of the more traditional liposuction techniques. It is ideal for removal of stubborn fatty areas that have proven difficult to remove by an exercise regimen and healthy diet.

The majority of liposuction surgeries are done as an outpatient procedure. With SmartLipo, a liposculpture laser is used to melt away troublesome, unsightly areas. The anesthesia used for the procedure depends on the amount of fat being removed from the body.

The most common areas that liposuction focuses on are the buttocks, abdomen and oblique (love handles), inner and outer thighs, hips, face (neck and jowls) and arms. There are several advantages to using the SmartLipo procedure, such as:

  • A tiny incision (3-5mm) is made
  • The Smartlipo laser fiber will be inserted through a very small cylinder into a predetermined area on the body in accordance with the area to be treated
  • The laser emulsifies the fat cell membranes
  • The fat cells are permanently destroyed by this method
  • The liquified fat is gently aspirated
  • New collagen is produced resulting in tightening and coagulation of skin

What to Expect During SmartLipo

When our patients have made the decision to have SmartLipo, they will schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Roberta Gartside. During this personal consultation, our patients will discuss their expectations and determine if these expectations are realistic for their body and other factors such as elasticity of skin, lifestyle (tobacco use and/or alcohol consumption), plans for potential pregnancies, and past and present health conditions.

It is important for our patients to supply accurate and complete information to ensure the safe and effective experience of the procedure. During the liposuction consultation, this will be the time to ask any questions regarding the process.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction is a technique that uses ultrasound high-frequency vibration to emulsify fat cells. The main advantages of Ultrasonic liposuction are the following:

  • Ultrasonic liposuction is especially advantageous for tight, fibrous areas such as the back and posterior flanks; regions where more blood loss would be anticipated
  • Specially designed skin ports reduce risk of damage to the skin incision sites
  • Small access incisions between 3-5 mm
  • Minimal blood loss in comparison with past liposuction technologies
  • Improved skin retraction as reported by physician users

Ultrasonic Liposuction Procedure

With Ultrasonic liposuction, high-frequency ultrasound is used to break the fat cells apart to enhance the distinguishing ability between fat tissues and other body tissues, resulting in a smoother recovery.

The anesthesia used for the Ultrasonic liposuction procedure depends on the amount of fat being removed from the body. Dr. Roberta Gartside will discuss your fat removing options and the amount during your consultation and will determine if this is the best procedure for your desires.

The process takes approximately 2 hours, depending on the areas to be treated and amount of fat being removed. Upon completion of the procedure, our patient will be monitored in a recovery room by a nurse. The amount of recovery time varies by patient, response to anesthesia and procedure.

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is a liposuction technique that involves using a large amount of diluted, local anesthetic (lidocaine with epinephrine) and injecting it into the fatty areas of the skin. This is one of the most commonly performed methods of liposuction. The tumescent technique is a very popular and effective procedure, but is not a treatment for obesity and should not be used in the place of diet or exercise.

Here are some of the benefits of tumescent liposuction:

  • Less blood lost due to the use of epinephrine, a capillary constrictor
  • Intravenous fluid replacement is not necessary
  • Bacteriostatic lidocaine (local anesthetic) reduces the risk of infections
  • Tumescence swells and firms defects making them easier to remove; therefore, a secondary procedure is less likely
  • Vasoconstriction from the epinephrine minimizes absorption.
  • The epinephrine may boost the cardiac output, which may accelerate the hepatic metabolism of the lidocaine.

Tumescent Liposuction Procedure

The majority of liposuction surgeries are done as an outpatient procedure. With tumescent liposuction, fluids are supplied to the body by subcutaneous injection. Dr. Gartside and her team will administer a local anesthesia (lidocaine with epinephrine, a capillary constrictor) which will not require pain medication in the form of intravenous narcotics and the epinephrine will assist in the prevention of blood loss.

A cannula (a small, hollow, stainless steel tube) is inserted into small incisions near the area to be treated. The cannula is placed into the incisions and oscillates between the muscle and skin to remove excess fat by using a syringe or suction pump. The process takes approximately 2 hours, depending on the areas to be treated and amount of fat being removed.

Liposuction Recovery

Dr. Gartside will discuss the recovery time with our patients after the liposuction procedure. When the anesthesia subsides, the soreness has been described as the soreness one feels after a rigorous workout. Our patients may be prescribed pain medication for any further soreness or discomfort associated with the liposuction procedure.

The incisions made in the skin to remove the fat may drain for several days after the liposuction procedure; a drainage tube can be used to remove any fluid or drainage from the incisions. Tight clothing or compression garments should be worn for several weeks after the procedure to aid in the healing process. It is important to keep a healthy lifestyle after the procedure in order to reach the full potential and effectiveness of the liposuction procedure. Please keep in mind that a continued relationship with Dr. Roberta Gartside is important for a successful recovery. Our patients will be able to schedule follow-up visits to evaluate the progress of their liposuction procedure.

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Dr. Gartside performs most liposuction procedures on an outpatient basis. She realizes that no two people have the exact same body contouring needs. In order to provide you with a fully customized procedure that addresses your unique aesthetic goals, Dr. Gartside will discuss your desires and goals with you in detail.

Dr. Gartside is Board-Certified and has the experience and artistic eye that you want when entrusting your appearance to the skill of another. She has an amazing connection with all of her patients and will strive for your comfort and happiness with the procedure.

To find out how you can benefit from liposuction, please contact New Image Plastic Surgery Associates online or call 703-742-8004 today to schedule your consultation. Dr. Roberta Gartside serves patients in Reston, Fairfax, and McLean, Virginia, and throughout Washington DC.