Brave Day is March 21st

Breast Restoration Advocacy Education (BRAVE) Day is March 21st. Founded in 2010, BRAVE Day was developed by the Pink Lemonade Project, whose mission is to provide breast cancer survivors, their families, and women at-risk for the disease an educational pathway of hope and healing.

The Pink Lemonade Project has developed a Bill of Rights for Women to help both survivors and those at-risk for breast cancer better understand their options. Included in the Pink Lemonade Project’s Bill of Rights for Women are things such as an insurance company’s responsibility if you have a family history of breast cancer and your right to breast reconstruction following cancer removal.

Board-certified Virginia breast reconstruction surgeon Dr. Roberta Gartside is a strong supporter of the Pink Lemonade Project.

Your Right to Breast Reconstruction

Part of the goal of BRAVE Day is to inform women of their right, guaranteed by state and federal laws, to have breast reconstruction following cancer removal. Insurance companies are required by law to cover the cost of reconstruction, though this may not be something they inform you of outright.

Dr. Gartside is both an experienced breast surgeon and a breast cancer survivor. She is dedicated to providing women in Virginia and Washington, D.C. who have been impacted by breast cancer with the safest and most effective breast reconstruction options.

If you would like more information about BRAVE Day or your right to breast reconstruction following cancer removal, please contact New Image Plastic Surgery, PLC to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Gartside.