Neck Lift

neck lift patient

A neck lift can involve any combination of tightening and lifting the skin and muscles of the neck, and removing fat deposits along the jaw, chin and neck. The procedure is often combined with a facelift to provide the most effective lift of sagging, loose skin and muscle.

As with any facial surgery, your suitability for a neck lift will depend on a multitude of factors that a board-certified plastic surgeon must evaluate. Dr. Roberta Gartside helps patients in and around Washington, DC and multiple Virginia communities do just that! Call 703-742-8004 to arrange your consultation.

Is a Neck Lift for You?

Sagging, loose neck skin can be caused by:

  • Aging
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Genetics
  • Sun exposure
  • Poor skin care regimen

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your neck, a neck lift may be the right way to restore firmer, smoother skin on your neck. The procedure can tighten the skin and muscle along your jaw and remove sagging fat deposits beneath your chin.

Your neck can be one of the first places where the effects of aging show. Some people turn to high collars, turtle necks and scarves to disguise the wrinkles and slack skin of their necks. A neck lift can rejuvenate this highly visible area of your physique so you can enjoy a more youthful appearance.

Neck Lift Results

Depending on the cosmetic neck issues you are experiencing, the results of your neck lift may:

  • Define the jaw line
  • Define the angle between your chin and throat
  • Tighten wrinkles and folds
  • Remove bands across the neck
  • Reduce the appearance of jowls
  • Reduce the appearance of a turkey neck

In a neck lift procedure, fat, skin and muscle may be tightened, removed and lifted, depending on your goals. Some people want only fat removed, in which case you may need only liposuction and minimal tightening of the muscle. If you want more dramatic tightening of the skin and muscle, then your neck lift may need to be combined with a facelift for optimal results. There are several different ways Dr. Gartside can improve the appearance of your neck, and the only way to know what procedure will produce the results you want is to visit Dr. Gartside for a personalized consultation.

To learn more about a neck lift in Virginia, please contact New Image Plastic Surgery Associates, PLC, through the form on this page or by calling 703-742-8004 to schedule a consultation with experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Roberta Gartside.