Immediate Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy May Reduce Complications

A new study published in the March issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® has found that nipple-sparing breast reconstruction performed immediately following mastectomy enjoys a high rate of success with minimal risks for complications.

The nipple-sparing breast reconstruction technique preserves the nipple and surrounding breast tissue, allowing replacement directly after mastectomy. This procedure can only be used when cancer has not spread to the nipple or immediately surrounding breast tissue. However, this study found a 90 percent success rate in nipple preservation when this technique was used.

Breast Reconstruction

As both a board-certified plastic surgeon and a breast cancer survivor, Dr. Roberta Gartside understands the importance of breast reconstruction following mastectomy. She also understands that no single option is ideal for every patient, which is why she offers a number of breast reconstruction options that can be personalized to meet the specific needs of each individual patient.

Dr. Gartside and our breast cancer care team will work directly with you and your physician to determine if reconstruction is best immediately following mastectomy or further down the road. In both cases, great care will be taken to ensure your comfort and ultimate satisfaction.

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