Memoryshape™ Silicone Breast Implant Approved By Fda

Mentor’s MemoryShape™ breast implants have recently become the fifth silicone implant to receive FDA approval. MemoryShape breast implants are teardrop shaped and filled with a highly cohesive gel, giving them a more tapered and natural appearance. These breast implants feature SILTEX® Texture, which is designed to keep them firmly in place, but their filling allows them to maintain the appearance of natural breast tissue.

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More Studies Needed

Initial FDA approval of MemoryShape implants has been based on six years of data collected from 955 women. However, the FDA is requiring Mentor to fulfill monitoring requirements to understand long-term risks and complications.

Mentor must prove MemoryShape implants are safe in the long-term by:

  • Following the 955 women in the core study for ten years
  • Following an additional 350 women implanted with MemoryShape for five years
  • Conduct a ten year study of 2,500 women who receive MemoryShape implants to assess any risks of long-term local complications
  • Conduct five case control studies on at least 10,570 women to assess the potential association of silicone breast implants and a number of rare diseases

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