Picking Swimsuits After Your Breast Augmentation In Fairfax

Once you’ve recovered from your breast augmentation by Fairfax area plastic surgeon Dr. Roberta L. Gartside, you’ll want to hit the beach as soon as the first rays of summer sun start calling.

When picking out swimsuits after your breast augmentation, keep these tips in mind:

  • Think support. Larger breasts benefit from more support. Consider swim tops with wider straps or halter top styles. You may also find swim tops with underwires more comfortable and flattering since they lend extra support.
  • Experiment with sizing. You will likely find the best sizing by selecting separate tops and bottoms. This will allow you to get the amount of coverage you want with the swim top while keeping your bottom the right size.
  • Consider coverage. You may be used to seeking out swimsuits with extra padding, ruffles, and wild prints to help your breasts appear larger. After your breast surgery, you can go for more minimalistic prints and let your fuller figure speak for itself.

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