Post Lumpectomy Breast Reconstruction In Virginia

In many cases, fully removing breast cancer will require a complete mastectomy. However, in some instances, a doctor is able to preserve breast tissue by performing a lumpectomy. Unlike a mastectomy, lumpectomy only requires the removal of the tumor and some surrounding tissue. While this procedure leaves more of your natural breast untouched, it can still have a tremendous impact on the appearance of your body, as well as how you feel about yourself.

Breast Reconstruction

Board-certified Virginia plastic surgeon Dr. Roberta Gartside is a breast cancer survivor herself and knows the impact mastectomy and lumpectomy can have on the body. Passionate about helping women restore form following removal of cancer, Dr. Gartside will work with your surgeon to plan the best time to perform your post lumpectomy breast reconstruction. This procedure may be performed immediately following your lumpectomy or may be scheduled at a later date. What is right in your situation is best determined by Dr. Gartside and your breast cancer removal surgeon.

Dr. Gartside uses post lumpectomy tissue expanders to restore volume and symmetry. She suggests waiting for recovery from your initial reconstructive procedure for nipple reconstruction. This enables Dr. Gartside to place the nipple in its ideal location and helps ensure the most pleasing results.

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