Roberta Gartside

Breast Lift

Dr. Gartside was extremely honest and direct about the positives and negatives of the procedure, what people are often most and least satisfied with, and was available for any questions. The rapid responses I received to my questions along the way were extremely helpful in both giving me confidence that the practice cared about my concerns and satisfaction and in helping me make the decision to move forward. I was encouraged to ask any questions along the way, which were answered honestly and reasonably without any sense that they were trying to sell me on the procedure.*

Neck Lift

The preoperative teaching provided comprehensive amounts of information necessary to understand the intricate details of the surgery and the rationale for adhering to the prescribed plan. *

Botox Cosmetic

As always, the staff & Doctor were professional and nice!*

Juvéderm® XC

Staff is wonderful. I trust Dr. Gartside completely - always feel at ease with her recommendations*


Yes. It was exactly as expected. Less visible lines on face*

Botox® Cosmetic

Everything went smoothly.*

Breast Augmentation

Everyone in the office was super helpful, attending to my needs and endless questions. They made this process incredibly easy. I would do it all over again and would definitely recommend Dr. Gartside to all my friends. Thank you so much to this team!! Christine was amazing! She was super sweet and helpful. Replied back to my emails in a quick, timely manner. She went out of her way for me and made it the best experience. *

Breast Reduction

Dr. Gartside is highly professional and skilled. Her staff is lovely and also very professional. *

Breast Reduction

Professionalism of the staff. Assistance and guidance with insurance procedures. Doctor and staff available to answer questions. Only took pain meds one day. No discomfort or pain. [Single best thing is…] The final result - breast were perfect and the entire experience was positive.*

Breast Reduction

Dr. Gartside was informative, personable and professional. She alleviated any fears that my daughter and myself had abut the procedure.*

A. B.

I had a tummy tuck and liposuction procedure with Dr. Gartside back in early December. Dr. Gartside took the time to answer all of my questions both before and after the procedure.
We were never rushed and the level of care and caring was always at the highest possible level. Dr. Gartside went above and beyond to insure that the procedure was a success. Dr.
Gartside and her staff were always available to help me through this surgery. The office staff is also very supportive and helpful in taking care of forms and paperwork and scheduling.


Weight Off My Shoulders!

My sisters and I were all "gifted" with overly large breasts for our proportions from my mother, so it seemed we were all destined to take the path of breast reduction eventually. Earlier this year I was leaving an appointment and passed Dr. Roberta Gartside's office and stopped in for information on breast reduction. Within two months, I had a consultation and the surgery scheduled June 20; I couldn't wait to get over the aching back, tired shoulders, and having to order my HH size bras online at $100 each! Now I have the most wonderful young and perky DDs, I can wear sports bras or even go without wearing one at all, I can wear a lot of pretty clothes now that before I knew wouldn't zip up past my bust line; I feel confident, sexy and young again. Thanks Dr. Roberta Gartside for giving me these Y&P girls. 😉


Dear Dr. Gartside,

Because you did such a wonderful job on putting my leg together, I wanted you to see the happy result. No pain on using my leg to trot - although the picture shows the right leg - the left leg was perfect! Three cheers and so much appreciation of and for your talents. I hope all is well with you and again so many thanks for you.



Breast Cancer reconstruction patient

Exceeded all my expectations. Surgeon was very well qualified. Answered all my questions and did not treat me like it would be a cosmetic surgery, unlike other surgeons. Discussed all options and decided on tissue expanders. She is a true godsend and has given me back much of what I lost. I am forever grateful for her expertise.

Mary Beth

Dear Dr. Gartside,

I want to thank you for everything you've done to help me.
You're such an exceptional physician, you have a great staff and all of you made a not necessarily pleasant experience…pleasant.
More than that though, I feel as if I received the best of care and expertise. I'm very happy with the "results."

-Mary Beth


"Dear Dr. Gartside,

I want to thank you for clear and amusing explanations of my options, and the “visual aid” of how alumpectomy and radiation would really affect the appearance of my favorite breast. No one had done that! I felt that a mastectomy was the obvious choice when i left your office – I didn’t know that before then. I wish I had seen you earlier in the process!"



“I wanted to express my appreciation for the outstanding and professional medical care from you over the past several weeks. I may have asked more questions then the aerage patient but always knew my medical are was in the right hands—yours. It was my firm knowledge from the first visit. Your cheerfulness and direct candor in how to treat the illness I will always remember. One helps the patient emotionally the other physically; both necessary. Having never been really ill before in my life, I needed both. Thanks for being my doctor and god bless."


I'm so happy we (husband and I) discovered ThermiVA. We thank Dr. Gartside!