Submuscular Vs. Subglandular Breast Implant Placement In Washington, D.c.

Your Washington, D.C. breast augmentation procedure will need to be tailored to meet your body’s unique contours, as well as your personal wishes and desires. This is why Dr. Roberta Gartside offers a number of options when it comes to the specifics of your procedure.

One of the choices you will be offered is where your implants will be placed. Because breast implant placement can affect both the final appearance and feel of your procedure, which option is best for you will need to be carefully considered and based on factors specific to your anatomy.

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Placement Options

Subglandular placement is below breast tissue but above the muscles in your chest. For women with sufficient breast tissue, this option can reduce surgical and recovery time. For women without sufficient breast tissue this option may result in visible implant imperfections, and look and feel less natural.

Submuscular placement is below both breast tissue and chest muscles. This option may increase surgical and recovery time but tends to produce completely natural-looking and feeling results for women with smaller natural breasts.

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