Tummy Tuck Recovery

After any surgery, your body needs time to rest and heal. This is especially true with abdominal surgery, like a tummy tuck. When Dr. Roberta L. Gartside performs your tummy tuck at one of our Virginia surgical locations, she will give you post-operative care instructions to help you with recovery.

In general, you can expect tummy tuck recovery to take several weeks. You will likely experience bruising and swelling in the area of the surgery. This will prevent you from admiring the contours of your new figure until the swelling goes down. But your results should be worth the wait.

It is important that you get up and moving as soon as you feel able after your tummy tuck surgery. Motion will stimulate your recovery and help to ease your swelling, but don’t overdo it. You should avoid any strenuous activity for several weeks.

Don’t neglect the care instructions provided by our office and make sure to come to all of your follow-up appointments. It is important that Dr. Gartside track your healing progress and make sure you aren’t suffering from any complications.

If you are ready to discuss your tummy tuck options with a Virginia plastic surgeon, please contact New Image Plastic Surgery Associates to schedule your consultation with Dr. Roberta L. Gartside.