Using Botox® To Keep You From Sweating

BOTOX® as a Sweat Prevention Technique | Washington, DCAs the summer continues, humidity in the Washington D.C. area is likely to remain high, and you will need to keep looking for ways to stop sweating so much. You may be surprised to hear it, but BOTOX® Cosmetic provides a simple yet useful solution to reduce the amount of sweat your underarms and palms produce.

  • You may wish to consider using BOTOX® to stop sweating if:
  • You tend to sweat severely through your underarms
  • Medicine used to reduce the sweating has not wored
  • You are 18 or older
  • You are not allergic to botulin toxin

While BOTOX® is clinically approved to prevent sweating in your underarm area, it is frequently used to prevent sweating in other parts of the body as well. Ask Dr. Gartside about your options for using BOTOX® Cosmetic to treat heavy sweating elsewhere on your body.

After you have received the injections, it is important to take some necessary precautions. After all, if your body isn’t producing sweat at the levels it is used to, you may be in slightly more danger of overheating from spending a long time out in the sun. Ideally, BOTOX® should only help you stop sweating—it’s up to you to keep away from areas that cause you to sweat, especially in the first few days after your procedure.

To learn more about the surprising benefits that BOTOX® Cosmetic can bring, contact the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Roberta Gartside. We offer a variety of injectables for cosmetic and non-cosmetic purposes. To schedule an appointment in our Washington D.C.-area office, call 703-742-8004.