What is The Difference Between Smartlipo And Traditional Liposuction?

Both liposuction and SmartLipo are surgical techniques that can be used to remove unwanted fat from nearly any area of the body. Both procedures require incisions be made through which a cannula can be inserted. Both procedures rely on the cannula to remove stubborn fat deposits. However, this is where the similarities end.

Liposuction has traditionally been performed “dry,” which is to say the cannula is inserted into the incision for fat removal without assistance. This more dated approach to body sculpting can result in significant bruising, swelling, blood loss, and a number of other surgical and aesthetic complications – all of which have played a role in Dr. Gartside’s decision to not offer the dry technique.


SmartLipo is one of the advanced liposuction techniques Dr. Gartside offers our Virginia and Washington, D.C. patients. SmartLipo uses a highly precise laser to safely emulsify fat deposits prior to their removal. This provides benefits including:

  • More complete fat removal
  • Reduced healing time
  • Minimal risk of complications

What’s more, SmartLipo can encourage collagen production to produce ultimately pleasing results.

In addition to this laser liposuction technique Dr. Gartside offers ultrasonic and tumescent liposuction. During your Virginia body contouring consultation it can best be determined which option is ideal for you.

To learn more about SmartLipo in Virginia and Washington, D.C., please contact New Image Plastic Surgery Associates, PLC today to schedule body contouring consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Roberta Gartside.