What Does Board Certification Mean?

Board certification means that a doctor has been recognized by an authorized body of other doctors as being qualified to practice medicine. Board certification of some sort is typically considered a prerequisite for obtaining a medical license to practice in the United States, including Virginia and Washington DC. However, once licensed, doctors are considered capable of performing all types of medicine, and may advertise and perform services that may be far from their actual training.

But is it good for you to work with a plastic surgeon operating outside his or her area of expertise? The question becomes especially important when you consider that most people advertising as “board-certified cosmetic surgeons” are certified in an area of medicine that has little or nothing to do with performing the surgeries they offer. There is not a recognized board of cosmetic surgery, but many doctors certified in other areas routinely advertise and perform cosmetic surgery for (fun and) profit.             

If you are considering plastic surgery, make sure your surgeon is actually board certified in plastic surgery. Ask the question directly: “Are you board certified in plastic surgery?”

If they hesitate at all or give a dissembling answer, you know they’re not. And always make sure to check with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Roberta Gartside received her board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery in 1990 and has two and a half decades of experience performing plastic surgery in the Washington DC area. In order to receive board certification, Dr. Gartside was required to undergo extensive specialized training in the field of plastic surgery and pass rigorous oral and written exams demonstrating her mastery of the field.

Dr. Gartisde is fully prepared to discuss her certification, training, and experience during your free initial consultation. To talk to her about her qualifications, please contact New Image Plastic Surgery Associates today. We serve patients in the Washington DC area.