What Does “board-certified” Mean?

board-certified McLeanWhen you’re searching for the right plastic surgeon to perform your cosmetic procedure, you will often hear the phrase “board-certified” and how important it is to find a surgeon that has this qualification. But what, exactly, does this mean? How can a board-certified plastic surgeon affect your results?

In order to be board-certified, a plastic surgeon must undergo rigorous coursework, training and extensive testing through an accredited medical school. After graduating, they must then complete an approved residency program of at least 6 years as well as pass a certifying exam administered by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Once all of these steps have been completed within their designated field, they can officially be deemed board-certified.

Because board-certified plastic surgeons undergo more training than cosmetic surgeons or other doctors that offer cosmetic treatments, they can greatly impact the success of your results.

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon can ensure that you are working with someone that has years of experience and skillful clinical knowledge specific to your unique procedure. They can confidently deliver the results you want to achieve.

Dr. Roberta Gartside of New Image Plastic Surgery Associates, PLC is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Having received numerous awards within her industry, she is a highly desirable surgeon among patients.

If you are considering plastic surgery, Dr. Gartside can help determine which procedure is right for you. She will meet with you in person to discuss your aesthetic goals and needs to develop your personalized treatment plan.

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