What Makes Smartlipo Unique?

SmartLipo is a Unique Procedure | Washington DCResidents of Washington DC who are looking at fat reduction options may have heard of SmartLipo as a potential alternative to traditional liposuction. You know that SmartLipo removes fat by melting it with lasers, but you might not know why that is more desirable than removing it through the more traditional methods associated with liposuction, or why this is a significant difference.

There are some basic similarities among liposuction procedures. All can be broken down into the same basic steps:

  • Incisions are made in the skin
  • Fat cells are destroyed and broken down
  • Fat is removed through a cannula
  • Incisions are sewn up to heal with minimal scarring

However, the specifics of each type of liposuction change many small but important things about this process. SmartLipo breaks down fat cells from outside the body. A laser pointed at the pockets of fat gradually emulsifies them, so your doctor doesn’t have to make deep cuts underneath your skin to remove all the fat. In some cases, this allows the incision to be smaller with SmartLipo than it would be with a more invasive procedure.

SmartLipo also has the advantage of producing collagen in the process of melting down your fat. Collagen is produced naturally by your skin, and helps it stay tight and strong. Not only can the procedure remove fat from your arms, torso, legs, buttocks, or face, it also helps ensure that your skin stays in excellent condition.

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