When Can I Exercise With Breast Implants

After your breast augmentation surgery with Mclean, Virginia, plastic surgeon Dr. Roberta L. Gartside, your body will need time to heal before you resume your normal exercise routine.

You should take it easy for the first month of your breast augmentation recovery and avoid any strenuous activity. Too much exercise too soon can slow your recovery and cause you discomfort around your saline or silicone implants. During the first week of recovery, you should limit yourself to light walks and only do as much as you feel ready for.

You should avoid swimming for the first month. The over-the-head arm movements required for swimming are too strenuous for your first few weeks after surgery. Talk with Dr. Gartside about the best time to return to your normal swimming routine.

If you are a runner, it may take you some time to get used to running with your larger breasts. Make sure you buy a good fitting sports bra to keep you supported and more comfortable on your runs.

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