Why Should I Quit Smoking Before My Virginia Breast Augmentation Surgery?

If you smoke cigarettes, you will need to refrain from doing so in the weeks prior to your Virginia breast augmentation procedure. Giving up smoking has significant health benefits, not the least of which is allowing for a better healing response, making it important that you kick the habit at least six weeks in advance of your procedure.

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Why Quit Smoking?

Women who smoke following breast augmentation surgery place themselves at an increased risk for postoperative infection. Smoking impacts the immune system and can interfere with your body’s natural healing response. In addition, smokers often experience heavier bleeding and can expect much larger and more obvious scars following surgery.

Many of the issues caused by cigarette smoking are a result of nicotine, which means complete cessation of nicotine will be necessary to reduce your risks. Dr. Gartside would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail, along with ways you can quit smoking during your initial breast augmentation consultation.

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