Will Lighter Breast Implants Reduce Aesthetic Imperfections?

Two Israeli plastic surgeons have developed a silicone breast implant that is 30 percent lighter than current models on the market. Soon to be available in Europe, product testing has not yet begun in the United States.

Breast implants placed above the muscles in the chest may be more likely to sag, cause double bubble, or produce other aesthetic imperfections. Some of this certainly has to do with the weight of breast implants, particularly in women with very little natural breast tissue.

Virginia breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Roberta Gartside offers a number of options that can help prevent aesthetic imperfections. For example, choosing below-the-muscle placement or using silicone implants can both help. However, these options may not be right for every patient.

Lighter Breast Implants

As information about the safety and long-term performance of these lighter silicone breast implants becomes available, Dr. Gartside will carefully consider adding them to her practice. She is dedicated to keeping aware of advancements in breast implant procedures and material, enabling her to make a larger range of options available to our patients.

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