Will Tummy Tuck Surgery Make My Muscles Stronger?

During tummy tuck surgery, Virginia plastic surgeon Dr. Roberta Gartside will tighten abdominal muscles that have become separated. The purpose behind this step is to bring the waistline in and produce ideal contours. A corollary, however, may be increased abdominal strength.

When abdominal muscles separate, issues as diverse as balance, lower back comfort, and posture can be impacted. Core exercises can strengthen these muscles, but may not be completely effective at bringing them back together. When you elect to undergo tummy tuck surgery, you are choosing to have these muscles firmed – essentially providing a springboard for a stronger and more defined core.

It’s up to You

Will tummy tuck surgery make your muscles stronger? No. But it can provide the perfect opportunity for you to do so. Steps you take after your procedure will play the largest role in the enhancement of your surgical results. By eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise, your tummy tuck may better enable you to strengthen and tone your core, and produce the look of your dreams.

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